How To Choose The Best SEO Company

With the emergence of SEO over the past few years, it is no surprise that SEO companies are rising in number. But since you should pay attention and prioritize organic traffic, page ranking, and results, you cannot simply trust your website to any SEO company. You need only the best of the best SEO companies (or SEO agencies).

The thing with most top SEO companies today is they have promises that are too good to be true. There is no such thing as the fast approach in SEO that can improve your ranking overnight. Moreover, some company practices can even lead to the disappearance of websites from Google searches. For this reason, you must select a reliable SEO company to handle your website and make it grow.

What Is SEO, And How Does It Help A Business?

SEO or search engine optimization is a set of strategies and practices that helps improve your site’s appearance and web page positioning in Google search engines. With proper SEO practices, your pages have higher chances of getting found by Google, which may help conversion rates. There are many types of SEO — including local SEO, technical SEO, ecommerce SEO, on page SEO, SEO content marketing, and custom SEO strategies that you can use to grow your business.

How Can A Reliable SEO Agency Help Your Business?

  • Save effort, including time, resources, and money
  • Explore new and more markets
  • Improve your digital marketing campaign
  • Puts you on track with increasing traffic and conversion rates
  • Understand your audiences and customers better
  • Improve your website user interface
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What Are You Looking For In An SEO Company?


Their Portfolio And Relevant Case Studies

The company portfolio shows its previous experiences in increasing traffic and conversion rates with its former clients. From here, you have the information to verify their performance based on the websites they have handled. You can also try searching the previously optimized pages and see how they perform on Google. You want to see the websites they worked on on the first page. If these websites rank on the first page, you can contact the site owner and confirm their performance and participation.

Verify Their Work With Reviews And Feedback

A reliable SEO company must leave satisfactory work to its clients. These impressions from their previous clients show on the reviews left on their website. Much more, their previous clients can even refer or recommend them. You can find these reviews on Google and social media communities and forums. Some feedback gives detailed experience and service, which is helpful as a reference.

You’re Looking For Transparency

You have to know their process. A company you can trust will provide you with answers to your questions and even educate you about SEO. In SEO, some practices can lead to the banning of websites. So you want a company that will show you their process, documentation, and reporting process. You also want a website that will explain every little thing they will modify on your website. Technical terms used in audit findings can be confusing. But you want them explained better, in your perspective, what is going on in your website. Also, you want them to be transparent about the services included in your contract. They should provide documents that support their service performance, progress, and completion.


SEO Proficiency

An expert SEO company knows the ins and outs of SEO: from on-page and off-page optimization to mapping internal link structure, improving user experience, analyzing competition, link building, and everything white hat. Auditing a site can be overwhelming, and you want your SEO agency to show you just what you need on your website. They should know how to diagnose, interpret, and fix audit findings. They should not also be relying only on website audit findings. They should also check your web pages and look after the navigation. Your website should be user-friendly, and your chosen SEO partner should know how to make your pages load easily. They should know the latest Google updates to draft and finalize new strategies.

Encourages White Hat SEO

You want your website blogs to be compliant with the search engine policies. Moreover, you want to work with companies that do not manipulate search engine algorithms just to rank higher. You want your website to obtain long-lasting respect from search engines. Soon enough, white hat SEO will help you gain organic and inbound links. There is so much to white hat SEO, and Arcane Marketing can educate you on everything you need to know about white hat SEO.

Integration With Other Digital Marketing Approaches

Although SEO is just one of the many digital marketing approaches you can include in your campaign, an SEO company must know how to integrate your business’s social media accounts. There are other strategies like email marketing or PPC that you can incorporate with your current SEO strategy. Ask Arcane Marketing how you can integrate your SEO strategy to your social media marketing campaign, PPC management, brand reputation, and even improve your graphic content.

Deliverables Through Reporting And Beyond

An SEO agency must have an SEO tool to track your website’s progress. Here are the things to look for in their report:

  • SEO KPIs — KPIs are metrics that include organic search visits, the average loading time of web pages, and bounce rates.
  • Your current rank progress — Here, you should see the top-ranking keywords for the top Google search results or competitors.
  • Your organic traffic growth — You want to see the performance of your website through organic conversions and revenues from organic transactions. Also, they should provide you with the top-performing organic keywords.
  • Backlink analysis — It is a summary report of referring pages that are valuable and drive traffic to your pages and pass link juice.
  • Your SEO health — SEO health is your website’s representation of total performance through SEO technicalities.
  • Future strategies and plans — Your SEO company should discuss any findings, recommendations, and plans to improve and maintain your website SEO health.

Things To Avoid From An SEO Company

Avoid the top companies list you find in Google. Although they may not be terrible as it seems, you may find lists that come from affiliate marketers. They are more like website salespersons than actual clients who have tried search engine optimization services.

  • Do not go over companies that promise a month or two to get into the first page of Google. These are unrealistic promises. Going for the first page of search results takes time.
  • Do not believe in the “secret sauce.” There is no such thing since Google will decide if your pages are helpful to the audience or not. Arcane Marketing knows well the practices favorable to Google. And the best SEO companies will guide you to legal and best practices, so Google can find your site.

Of course, a non-friendly SEO website should be crossed-out your list. An SEO company website with easy navigation probably uses the best SEO practices. If your website SEO performance is bothering you, you can ask Arcane Marketing for a free SEO audit.