How To Make A Thanksgiving Wreath

We often associate wreaths with the winter months and Christmas holidays, but wreaths are the perfect Thanksgiving decorations. Plus, they work for any season. Especially Fall. I’m sure we could easily go to the store, buy a wreath for $20 or so, hang it up and call it good. But where’s the fun in that? This blog will teach you how to make 2 different wreaths for Thanksgiving or Fall. 

Pinecone Wreath

If you live near any pine trees this should be an easy project for you. Pinecones fall off of the trees during the autumn season. So go outside and start gathering a bundle of them. Preferably the bigger the better. If you don’t have easy access to natural pinecones, head to your local craft store and pick up some fake pinecones. 

You will need to head to your craft store regardless because you will need to buy a wreath ring for the base of the wreath. Make sure to get some hot glue if you don’t already have some. 

  1. Gather your supplies and heat up your hot glue. 
  2. Lay down the base of the wreath and layout how you want your pinecones to look. 
    1. The end result should look similar to this picture. Although don’t be afraid to be creative and add some more personal flare to it. Thanksgiving wreath on a wooden background
  3. Once you’ve made a decision about the layout, glue each pinecone down on the wreath ring. 
  4. After that, you can add any other decorations you would like. Or leave in minimalistic. 
  5. Once you’re done, go hang it up!

Twig WreathTwig wreaths hanging on a wall for Thanksgiving

Twig wreaths are fairly common, especially since they can be customized into a wreath for any season. For the winter season, you use Christmas ornaments, berries, and conifer branches. For Fall and Thanksgiving, you can use things such as leaves, branches, pinecones, and small pumpkins. 

For this Thanksgiving wreath, you will need to head to your local craft store and grab a pre-made twig wreath. And any other design additions you would like. Or, you can head to your local park or backyard and get some natural additions. Here’s a design that I’ve found to be pretty easy to make, plus it looks pretty good too! 

  1. Lay down your pre-assembled wreath and start threading your additions into the twigs. 
  2. If you have smaller pieces that can’t be threaded through, grab the hot glue gun and glue them down. 
  3. Once you have your new and improved Thanksgiving wreath, go hang it up! 

Don’t Stop There!

When decorating your home for Fall and Thanksgiving, you don’t want to create a couple of wreaths and call it a day. This is one of the only times your close family and friends will all be in your home. Why not go all out with decor?! If you are planning on decorating the exterior, interior, and dining room table, check out this blog. It will tell you all sorts of different Thanksgiving decorations for your home