Traffic Control And Barricade Rentals For Your Safety Needs

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Did you know that Capitol Barricade provides traffic control barricades and other traffic control equipment for rent? With their rental services and products, you can minimize potential accident risk and ensure safety and productivity at your business, job site, or event! Whether you are operating a large work zone, need easy to set up crowd control, or just want to manage a small hazard efficiently, Capitol Barricade has the materials and plans to get you organized and ready to go with our rental traffic control equipment.

Events And Locations Where Traffic Control Rentals and Barricade Equipment Rentals Will Keep Drivers And Pedestrians Safe

There are numerous instances where traffic barricades, directional signage, and other safety equipment are essential to assist drivers and pedestrians. So, they can navigate events or hazards efficiently and safely. These could be from civic events, construction sites, and entertainment venues to more minor situations at schools, hospitals, and even home renovation work zones. These are pretty evident and regular events where you would expect a work crew or individuals to need barricades or traffic control equipment. Sometimes unusual circumstances call for barricades and traffic control tools as well.

Think about events that have taken place due to the COVID pandemic. After the vaccines became available for the general public, suddenly, there was a need for mass vaccination centers. Frequently these centers were merely large parking lots that needed to accommodate large amounts of drive-through traffic. Plans must be in place to direct traffic for efficiency and safety and mark areas for people to park. At the same time, they waited in their vehicle to ensure they had no reactions for a specific amount of time. There was suddenly a need for traffic control and equipment to provide safe traffic control and marked parking in large areas. Traffic cones, signs, concrete barriers, barrel items, and other equipment were needed for quick setup. The cost to purchase this amount of equipment would be prohibitive for most cities and municipalities.

Accurate Pricing Is Imperative

Availability of these materials, items, and services at reasonable and accurate pricing. This is an example of how a need not thought of before became a reality for many customers—having access to traffic control items, crowd control materials, and barricade rentals! There are commonly known situations where barricade rentals and traffic control rentals are needed. Still, there are also unexpected situations that can always pop up, so keep these in mind when you need a barricade and traffic control rental service in or near Sacramento.

Another example from current events is the need for extra safety precautions at civic events like parades and demonstrations in Sacramento. The right equipment can safely direct traffic flow, while barricade rentals can keep people safe from accidents and bad intentions. Sacramento municipal and private affiliations have a way to increase safety and visibility with the right rental traffic control equipment. At the very least, traffic is efficiently monitored with rental barricade services, which helps to monitor who can enter. At the most, lives could be saved with Capitol Barricade rental services in Sacramento and affiliated locations. Contact Capitol Barricade in Sacramento for services and equipment and your area.

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What Barricade And Traffic Control Rental Services Can You Expect At Capitol Barricade?

Capitol Barricade can provide rental traffic and barricade service for just about any type of job one would need to include:

civic events

  • entertainment venues
  • construction work zones
  • security areas
  • traffic control
  • hazardous areas
  • road work
  • school pick up location
  • and more!

Capitol Barricade can provide equipment for rent to account for all of the above utilities with a huge selection of work zone equipment and services. Specifically, they offer for rent:

  • traffic control signs, warning signs, project signs and custom signs, street name signs, banner signs, mast arm signs for rent or purchase

  • crash cushion barricades, wood barricades, concrete barricades, barricades for pedestrians

  • water-filled barricades

  • traffic cones in two sizes

  • easy setup and tear down rumble strips for safety in construction zones

  • traffic barrel rental

More Than Traffic Control

But they aren’t only providing Sacramento with traffic control signs and rental traffic control equipment! Other services include pavement marking stencils to help direct traffic flow with easy visibility for any road or street location or to serve as a direction sign in parking lots. Contact Capitol Barricade to learn about services for banners, vinyl stickers and graphics, vehicle wraps, and even signs in Braille. Get what you need for any size job.

Need a stop sign or two for your contraction location? No problem! While the specialty is in rental traffic control equipment, you can also get safety equipment in Sacramento. Safety apparel, such as safety vests, eyewear, hard hats, and other products are available for purchase. Besides products and equipment rental and sales, they can also assist customers with designing a custom traffic control plan.

Their licensed C31 contractors can form a specific design for your construction site, events such as weddings or conventions in Sacramento, and plenty of other accommodations. Their computer-assisted designs help you get your event planned quickly, with safety and efficiency in mind.

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All Of The Traffic Control Rental, Traffic Barricade Rental, And Safety Equipment You Need In Sacramento

Capitol Barricade truly has the expertise, products, and professional help to make your work site, event, or traffic control design operate in the safest and most efficient way possible. Customer safety and satisfaction are at the heart of their business. Let them help you design your traffic control or traffic barricade system for whatever needs your project or job site requires. Whether you want to rent equipment or purchase safety supplies or traffic control products, or barricade equipment, contact Capital Barricade for the best experience.